Sunset over Dynamic Earth

Sunset over Dynamic Earth

Yesterday I ended up taking a much needed half day at the office, this followed a busy week at work (I lost track of the number of production releases I ended up writing) and a spending many hours out side of work getting Antipope back up and running following it’s untimely demise.

So we had lunch, I did not turn the computer on following a quick nip to the shops and headed out into the park. Where many pictures were taken (i.e. I filled up my only memory card). Another 1Gb CF card of the same type has now been ordered (for insert really small amount of money) and more larger cards will follow in my next Amazon order. More len(s) will have to wait until the middle of the month, many to let ones finances settle after pay day.

So I got some really nice pictures of sea gulls round the pond, this was mainly aided by my current photography reading on exposure. These are likely to be uploaded to Flickr some time over the weekend (or at the start of next week).

The picture in this post is the best (and not changed in any way) of the wonderful sun set there was last night on the way back from a post walk coffee. However I missed the best of it, due to clearing space on the memory card for a few shoots. I think some emergency CF cards are needed for just this type of occasion.

It also looks like my computer set up here needs some improvement (most likely a new chair) as getting a sore back and wrist problems. The odd feelings have returned and good afternoon/evening of rest and only an hour in front of a keyboard at home. Where as time in front of a computer at work this week has taken most of the day.

Update: Camera geekery: ISO400, f/5, 1/80, 38mm, Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II.

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