A weekend visit from my mum

On Friday afternoon I got away from work early to go and meet April who had already met my Mum from her train. The evening was spent with take away, wine and a DVD (and a half).

Saturday we were up early and headed off to the zoo for 10am, there we wandered round for about 7 hours with me taking many pictures. The one included with this post is one of the best.

The rest of the evening was spend trying to finish watching the second DVD of Friday evening. Then crashing about 10pm due to exhaustion, before the end of the movie (again) and without going to look at the lunar eclipse.

Sunday had a visit to meeting, the sorting of the pictures from Saturday and a visit to a book shop. Good food cooked by April and finally finishing the second movie of Friday night. Along with finishing my current book and all of another DVD.

This morning we’ve seeing her off on the train back south then we’ve both off work work.

Photo Geek stuff: All pictures taken with the new shinny lens, almost all at f/4 in aperture priority. Some times with a circular polarizing filter.

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