Managed to get out today

This week has mostly been lost to being ill, ended up not really doing anything for the last two days of my holiday due to feeling shitty with this nose and throat bug; then I did not make it into work on Thursday or Friday.

Today we managed to make it out of the house for a quite a few hours, we visited Greyfriars Kirk with the camera and then had a wander to Transreal. Where April failed to find the book she wanted. Then there was iced tea, with a chapter on Easter island, looking at google maps the single air strip stretches from side of the island to the other.

However I did manage to get some reading about ITIL done this week, which was really interesting in a sad geeky manner. There was also an upgrade of my VM machine to Debian Etch, which means the idea of a wordpress blog may very well be getting closer.

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