Ruby on Rails

Last night I went to ScotRUG mainly to meet mathie, but also to find out what all the fuss is about and so far I like what I’ve heard. It being like Python (without the whitespace) is a good thing as Python has been my programming language of choice for many years.

While thinking about starting this blog I was looking at PHP, trying to get my head round it as a programing language (which is a title I don’t think it really deserves). From the few hours that I spent tying to code a simple application, the vile and loathing for PHP has come back in force.

So today I’m going to try and find my first Ruby on Rails book as I generally want to learn more about Agile Development methods and Rudy on Rails. There’s that itch forming to write something while learning Ruby on Rails, which should be interesting as I’ve never written a web application before. Also my new book on CSS can be put to good use.

Update: I’ve now got 2 Ruby on Rails books, read the first few chapters of Agile Web Development with Rails and so far it sounds like a very nice framework, next is getting an environment set up and the staple hello world!

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