Ruby on Rails (take 2)

Since Saturday I’ve carried on looking at Ruby on Rails and so far I’m very impressed. While reading though the first part about of Agile Web Development with Rails, I wrote a simple web application which displays some data from a single database table, requires a logged in session to change data and always has user management via the admin interface. I don’t think I could have gotten this much done in so little time (and code) in any other language.My next target to get a better understanding of the data model system and set up some inter-table relationship. In about a month or so the application may very well worth publishing.

2 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails (take 2)

  1. So ScotRUG has another convert? Excellent! 🙂 Once you’ve gotten a feel for Rails, I should show you a sample of some of the kick-ass stuff in edge I’ve been using all weekend. Life feels just so much clearer in edge! And I need to show off capistrano 2 for deployment. It just rocks.

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