Rails-CMDB release 0.2

Well it’s been a month since the first release of Rails-CMDB and it’s now time for another release. This is the rather large list of changes:

  • Added some unit tests for PurchaseOrder.
  • Added Export to CSV.
  • Added Import from CSV.
  • An asset can have many hardware items.
  • The Asset name does not need to be a number.
  • Catch trying to show a device that does not exist.
  • Add order_date column to PurchaseOrder Model.
  • Rename order_date column in Asset to delivery_date.
  • Correct typo’s in CreateNetworks which prevented loading of the schema.
  • Rename the database’s used to match the application name.
  • Added some simple doc’s on getting the system up and running.
  • Change to using host: in database.yml instead of sockets.

The source code can be found here. Not sure what is going to be in the next version, however I expect it’ll not be ready for release until mid to late September.


4 thoughts on “Rails-CMDB release 0.2

  1. Just a quick note while I remember. It’s not particularly important, but the Rails idiom is that Rails datetime fields are _at. So, for example, the order_date would be ordered_at. Or if it’s just a date (for some reason I never store dates as just dates, I always use datetimes, I don’t know why!) the idiom is to postfix with _on, which would be ordered_on.

    Mostly it’s just because it reads well and it’s consistent with the automagic created_at/updated_at fields.

    Not that I’ve actually looked at the code yet, I just noticed from your changelog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that into, I’ll make those changes in the next release.

    It sounds like it’ll make the code more readable. May be the next release should be clean up’s and addition of many more tests.

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