Rails-CMDB release 0.4

It’s taken a long time to get this release of Rails-CMDB ready for release, as I’ve done some tidying of the code base, plus adding lots of unit and functional tests. I’ve also improved the the views into the database and added the notation of Environments within Locations.

The source code can be found here. Not sure what is going to be in the next version, however I would like to get a public Subversion repository set up when I feel the testing good enough to catch any issues.

See below the cut for the (incomplete) change logs for version 0.4 (and the unreleased 0.3).

Changes in version 0.4

  • Added functional tests.
  • Updated (and added more) Unit tests.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added List devices by site page.
  • Removed unused welcome controller.
  • Use link_to for Home links instead of hard coding.
  • Added a default mongrel_cluster.yml file (prefix: /rails-cmdb, and 10 servers).
  • Renamed os model to operating_systems.
  • Reduced the ActiveRecord timeout to be less that MySQL session timeout.
  • Added support to add/update non-required date fields in controllers for models that needed them.

Changes in version 0.3, which was not released.

  • Added unit tests for all models.
  • Added functional tests for the login and admin controller’s
  • Renamed date fields to follow Rails conventions (ending in _on instead of _date).
  • Remove some unused fixtures.
  • Enforce uniqueness of name attribute in the following models:
    • Hardware
    • IpAddress
  • Enforce presence of manufacturer_id in Model Model.
  • Clean up uniqueness and presence statements in User.
  • Enforce uniqueness of name in Os Model.
  • Enforce presence of vendor_id and ordered_on in PurchaseOrder Model.
  • Rename serial_number attribute to name in the Hardware model.
  • Updates to the version 0.2 CHANGELOG entry.

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