Cool things in Leopard (and sorting keyboard issues)

I’ve finally upgraded to Leopard and so far I’m loving the following:

  • Built in ssh-agent support.
  • The iCal and Mail integration.
  • Spaces.
  • New look Finder.
  • Profiles in the terminal.
  • Being able to map network shares from the dock.

The things that have not improved.

  • Using a real UK PC keyword is still not handled correctly (I’m had a ergonomic keyboard for years).
  • There seems to be no way to change to size of unread counts in the dock (annoying for netnewswire).

I’ve also just spent what seems like an age getting my keyboard back to functioning correctly, after MacOS refused to do anything to change the keyboard type with the following error (also sometimes the change keyboard type button disappeared from the keyboard and mouse section of system preferences):

No unknown keyboard connected - terminating

The only way to fix it was to remove the following file and then reboot.


Then when re-detecting the keyboard type and selecting the map from the following page, it worked correctly with the keyboard type of ISO European.

2 thoughts on “Cool things in Leopard (and sorting keyboard issues)

  1. Mathe: The ssh key prompt is now graphical (like in Gnome) and you can store passphases in your keychain too.

    The only issue I’ve heard of is in migrating from SSHKeyChain, you need to remove the ennivirment plist file or you get the incorrect SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment setting.

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