Rails-CMDB release 0.4.4

I’ve released a new version of Rails-CMDB with some extra reports and behind the scenes improvements. Details behind the cut, it can be downloaded from here.

  • Add the following Operating Systems reports:
    • Breakdown of Operating Systems (counts).
    • Devices which are in sale Operating Systems.
    • Devices which are in support Operating Systems.
  • Use a partial for the list of Operating Systems reports.
  • Use partials for reports where possible.

2 thoughts on “Rails-CMDB release 0.4.4

  1. Hi

    First thx for making your work open for others, i would like to ask u if there is any graphical Documentation (UML or comparable) of your Data Modell and Implementation of the CMDB ??

    wish u a great year

  2. Jajal:

    I’ve not managed to write any doc’s for the data model, it’s all managed though the Rails DB migrations.

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