New photos may be a coming (and other stuff)…

After what seem like an age (well a month and abit), I’ve finally taken some new pictures. So there’s a chance that some will be uploaded in the coming days. However I’m currently (impatiently) waiting for my Aperture 2.0 upgrade to arrive before doing the first rating pass.

In other photography news on Monday my firewire CF card reader arrived and I must say it’s a lot quicker than my old USB mutli-function reader. It may very well speed my work flow (like others), however I’m more concerned with making use of the USB port it freed up for my iPod.

Lasy Web Question: Has anyone found a USB hub that reliably  works with Mac OS ? I Belkin one I have/had any device attached to it kept disappearing.

3 thoughts on “New photos may be a coming (and other stuff)…

  1. Is the Sandisk FireWire CF card reader you got? It’s awesome; soo fast. I picked up that and a 4GB extreme card recently.

    The first rating pass in Ap2 with Quick Preview switched on will be worth the wait, trust me. 🙂 If it doesn’t turn up soon, maybe I should demo it to you on my laptop in a pub…? Sounds like a worthy excuse for a pint to me. 😀

    As for USB hubs, I just don’t plug in devices I’m not actually using, that way avoiding the need for a hub at all. I’ve yet to find a hub that behaves reliably on Mac OS X with drives attached.

  2. The freebie (Belkin!) one I’ve been using for ages appears to work perfectly well, as do those in my keyboard and monitor. IME it’s more normal for hubs to work than not work. Only thing I can think to check is that the hub and everything on it are USB 2.0 in case some device on it gets upset about running at the lower speeds.

  3. Thanks for comments, I’ll see if I can find a simple (and cheap) usb hub from some where.

    @mathie the wait for Ap2 was worth it 😀

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