Adding support for Services to Rails-CMDB

I’ve just checked my work in progress of adding support for modeling services in Rails-CMDB into SVN, it’s not really ready for production use yet (i.e. I may change the model in incomputable ways) and it’s lacking much code and tests.

The following is a my current thoughts on the process flow for modeling transitions of services:


I’m thinking buying a license for OmniGraffle, as I can’t edit the above diagram any more, it seems a lot nicer than Visio which I use quite a lot at work. The only thing is the Professional version worth the extra money ?

1 thought on “Adding support for Services to Rails-CMDB

  1. I just completed my ITIL bridge to V3 course last week. I’ve also been playing around with Rails lately and I thought it would be interesting to build a service catalog or CMDB in Rails. Happily I found instead that you’ve already done it

    I have downloaded version 0.5 and have it running on WinXP and Ubuntu 8.0.4. To keep it simple I’m using Sqlite3 for the database. The only issue I found was that rake db:migrate wouldn’t work to create the database initially. Using rake db:schema:load worked just fine though.

    Right now I am most interested in the service catalog just as you are talking about adding services to CMDB in this post. The service catalog concept is new to me and I haven’t really figured out what should be in it yet. The ITIL V3 bridge course really didn’t have much detail on it. I’m looking for some more in depth info on it.

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