Ceasing Rails-CMDB Development

I’ve not done any development on Rails-CMDB for over 2 years and no longer make use of it so I’m officially killing off the project and will be removing the files from my web site in the very near future and I’ve also requested that the project is removed from Ruby Forge.

If by some chance someone wishes to continue the project please do drop me an email.

Update (03/06/2010): The project has been removed from Ruby Forge.

2 thoughts on “Ceasing Rails-CMDB Development

  1. Did anyone ever pick up where you left off? What license were you using? I am interested in a feature list for sure…

    THX – Jim

    • I’m afraid no has taken over the project, If I remember correctly I licensed it under the Apache Software License.

      As for feature list, I suggest you have a look at some of the last posts tagged with Rails-CMDB. In fact there seems to some tar balls still online (here), however can’t say anything about them really being the files that I had uploaded to ruby forge.

      All the best if you give go.

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