Thinking about migrating from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom

So I’ve been using Apple’s Aperture photo management and editing application since just after I got an SLR in 2007. So it was with great sadness I learned last year that it would be going away and replaced with Photos (along with iPhoto).

So I need to find another photo management & editing product or just give in and use the new Photos for everything. Which I don’t really want to do as I very much like the power of Aperture to make the most of photos shoot in RAW.

So some first thoughts based on photos I took today on my Canon EOS-M:

  • It’s very grey, layout is not as slick (i.e. large & cluttered) as Aperture.
  • Flagging and rating being different things is likely to be more powerful, but confusing for now.
  • Folders and collections look like they will take a little mastering.
  • Had to do a Google search to figure out how to upload to Flickr.
  • Making adjustments was rather different from Aperture. Which will take some getting used too.

The results can be found here, this is going to take some getting used too and concerned what will happen to all the images I’ve got in Aperture in the long run.

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