Python Improvement Pondering….

This was originally published on Medium on May 22, 2016. archiving here as no longer pushing on Medium.

So I think my Python is improving for sure. In the last couple of weeks I’ve used new style objects, properties, and setters to create objects to hold Orion node data. In short, applying what I read at the start of the year in Fluent Python.

However more importantly I feel up to the challenge of addressing the lack of support for turning on SSL verification, and using Request-Mock for unit testing with the orionsdk module. So I’ve started on the PR and more importantly I’ll be turning some of the examples into unit tests and adding some more of both.

Currently reading books and focusing on a few small side projects seems to be the way forward. I started reading Think Python last night and also got a second Python TDD book to read, as the other I read did not seem to give me more insight than reading StackStorm docs and other examples.

In the Uk the Open University does not seem to have any official courses purely on Python, so reading seems to be the only way forward for now….

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