Ceasing Rails-CMDB Development

I’ve not done any development on Rails-CMDB for over 2 years and no longer make use of it so I’m officially killing off the project and will be removing the files from my web site in the very near future and I’ve also requested that the project is removed from Ruby Forge.

If by some chance someone wishes to continue the project please do drop me an email.

Update (03/06/2010): The project has been removed from Ruby Forge.

Adding support for Services to Rails-CMDB

I’ve just checked my work in progress of adding support for modeling services in Rails-CMDB into SVN, it’s not really ready for production use yet (i.e. I may change the model in incomputable ways) and it’s lacking much code and tests.

The following is a my current thoughts on the process flow for modeling transitions of services:


I’m thinking buying a license for OmniGraffle, as I can’t edit the above diagram any more, it seems a lot nicer than Visio which I use quite a lot at work. The only thing is the Professional version worth the extra money ?

Rails-CMDB now hosted on Ruby Forge

Last month I migrated Rails-CMDB over to Ruby Forge, however I did not get the chance to announce that it happened. Details of accessing via SVN can be found here.

There’s some small fixes now checked into SVN, but not enough to warrant a new release. I now plan to try and restart it’s development and may be even create mailing lists for development discussion and commit emails if there’s interest.

Update (2010-07-10): Development on this project has now ceased, see this post for more details.