Adding support for Services to Rails-CMDB

I’ve just checked my work in progress of adding support for modeling services in Rails-CMDB into SVN, it’s not really ready for production use yet (i.e. I may change the model in incomputable ways) and it’s lacking much code and tests.

The following is a my current thoughts on the process flow for modeling transitions of services:


I’m thinking buying a license for OmniGraffle, as I can’t edit the above diagram any more, it seems a lot nicer than Visio which I use quite a lot at work. The only thing is the Professional version worth the extra money ?

ITIL Foundation v3 Certificate

I got some very good news in the post this morning (well it turned up for a start). After weeks of waiting  I got the letter informing me that I had passed the ITIL Foundation v3 exam, which I sat on 27th September.

Really happy about this as I started reading about ITIL some time in May this year, just before I learned about version 3. All in all I think it’s a good improvement over version 2 and well worth doing.

Rails-CMDB release 0.2

Well it’s been a month since the first release of Rails-CMDB and it’s now time for another release. This is the rather large list of changes:

  • Added some unit tests for PurchaseOrder.
  • Added Export to CSV.
  • Added Import from CSV.
  • An asset can have many hardware items.
  • The Asset name does not need to be a number.
  • Catch trying to show a device that does not exist.
  • Add order_date column to PurchaseOrder Model.
  • Rename order_date column in Asset to delivery_date.
  • Correct typo’s in CreateNetworks which prevented loading of the schema.
  • Rename the database’s used to match the application name.
  • Added some simple doc’s on getting the system up and running.
  • Change to using host: in database.yml instead of sockets.

The source code can be found here. Not sure what is going to be in the next version, however I expect it’ll not be ready for release until mid to late September.

First release of Rails-CMDB (v0.1)

This is the first ever release (0.1) of Rails-CMDB, the Ruby on Rails project I’ve been working on since the end of last month. It’s best described as little rough round the edges and the under laying DB schema may change with no upgrade path. However it’s possible to enter (and change) all of information via the interface and also view all details for a device on a single page.

The source code can be found here on my main web site, I’ll try to do a second release within the next few weeks when I get an idea of what’s needed next (I’m currently thinking it’ll need to be import or export via an Excel speed sheet or a CSV file).

Update: It’s been pointed out the me that I did not say what this software is, you can find a lot more details ITIL defines as a configuration management database (cmdb) in this post from last month.

The lack of a open source configuration management database ?

Recently I had given Cisco technical study a rest and did some reading about other logistical aspects of running a complex networks. There are plenty of tools to version control your software and configuration files (e.g. CVS, RCS, Subversion). However there seems to be almost a total lack of tools which allow you to track the larger picture about your systems and devices on the network.

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