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First post in ages, last weekend we visited the National Museum of Scotland and I took the camera (and used it) for once.



New Blog name and new header image!

So my blog now has a new domain name, gravatar and header image and after a trip down south to see Hadrian’s Wall for the first time. In the coming weeks I’m hoping to start posting some new content! This may end up not being the case, but well stranger things have happened!

Installing Ubuntu onto a MacMini1,1 is really hard!

So installing Ubuntu onto an 2006 Mac Mini (macmini1,1) is really hard, mainly down the bugs in EFI preventing booting of USB sticks or CD’s that are available for download from Ubuntu and this Mini not 64 bit CPU but 32 bit!

So things to remember:

  • This mac mini is x32 and not an x64 CPU! So do download the right image!
  • Install rEFInd (this is really important, as
  • Follow these instructions to create an USB stick.

So I now have StackStorm installing, which is taking some time on almost decade old system. Later I do plan to do an re-install with the server (instead of desktop version), but at least wireless works out the box, which it did not do last time I tried in 2003 with linux and wireless.

New Blog URL

I’ve just updated the URL for this blog to mr-purpleduck.me.uk from blog.mr-purpleduck.me.uk as part of a plan to considerate my online presence.

Currently the old URL will redirect to the new location. However it’ll cease to function in May 2011, as I’m not planning to keeping multiple domain name mapping’s with WordPress when the current one expires.


I know it’s been very quiet round here for the last month, this is due to my wife and I moving out of Edinburgh to Musselburgh at the end of last month and we’ve only just got internet access here in the last week. We’ve currently in the process decorating the room which will in time be our study, so it’s going to be a short while before I can get any new photo’s uploaded.

The last 3 weeks in Musselburgh have been wonderful, there’s 2 really good ice shops in the town, a wonderful little harbour and two lovely beaches. I’m not really sure what else to say.