Rocks and waves


I’ve the rest of the month off work!

Well that sounds a lot better than it really is, as there are only 5 working days left this month. However I do really need a rest from work and some time with the growing pile of books in the in-progress pile.

There is no solid plans for this time away from the office, just a tentative plan for the first release of my Rails Configuration Management Database (name still to be decided) by Thursday this week. I’ve now been working on it for about a month and it just needs a review, some minor cleanup’s and then more importantly; I need to decide on which open source license it will have before I can do a the first release.

I’m also wanting to have some time out with the camera and I’m hoping to get some pictures that are worth uploading to Flickr and also posting here.

Comments going missing

There currently seems to some issues with comments not turning up, they just seem to disappear. I think it may only be people who do not have accounts this is happening for.

I would suggest commenting if your comments have not turned up, however this is unlikely to work 😉 If you have my email address it would be nice if you could email me, if your have commented and it’s not turned up.

Security training a liability?

Following seeing a link a a book called The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t on Cutaway’s blog (Security Ripcord) I just had to order it from the US.

Not really sure how I managed to find this blog post this evening given that it’s from January, anyway it’s a rant on security training being a liability. Given the views I’ve seen on training over the years I’m not surprised on that one.